Our Mission

Pioneering technology-enabled infrastructure to transform urban life and create long-term value.


Unmet needs to support U.S. infrastructure over next decade

(Source: American Society of Civil Engineers)

Opportunities for cities and businesses created by smart city development by 2025

(Source: Frost & Sullivan)

Sidewalk Infrastructure believes technological advancements are accelerating widespread and fast-paced transformation in traditional infrastructure, posing long-term risks to industry stakeholders such as asset owners, cities, and investors, and creating opportunities for those positioned to benefit from the deployment of new technologies. Sidewalk Infrastructure seeks to work with these stakeholders to pioneer innovative infrastructure systems that can transform urban life.

New technologies that facilitate more efficient, intelligent and distributed use of resources and transport of products present threats to traditional infrastructure assets, resulting in changes in utilization patterns and potential declines in value over the long term.

For example, Sidewalk Infrastructure expects increasing autonomous vehicle penetration to reshape toll-road traffic patterns and greater penetration of distributed energy resources to reduce peak demand for central power stations. Both of these shifts have the potential to fundamentally transform the use of legacy infrastructure.

Today, many traditional asset owners, cities, and investors may not be equipped to assess the impacts of the accelerating application of technology to infrastructure.

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As technology increasingly reshapes infrastructure’s value proposition, Sidewalk Infrastructure expects that the intelligent application of advanced systems will extend the life of incumbent assets facing transformation and unlock new opportunities that can benefit businesses and cities and create long-term value.

Our Approach

A differentiated, thesis-driven strategy

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Sidewalk Infrastructure believes the transformative promise of advanced infrastructure will require a new manner of thinking in the application of digital technology to real assets. In Sidewalk Infrastructure’s view, an over-emphasis on reducing risk and associated yields means that cities, businesses, and traditional investors and developers are unprepared for how technology will disrupt and enable infrastructure. 

Sidewalk Infrastructure seeks to build world-leading platforms by drawing on its unique partnerships and ecosystem to develop conviction around theses in technology-enabled infrastructure. Specifically, as appropriate, Sidewalk Infrastructure expects to leverage unique resources on behalf of its platform companies, including providing both corporate and asset-level funding to address a pronounced gap in the sources of financing available to innovators and asset owners, drawing upon Sidewalk Labs’ broader relationships with municipalities to drive scale, and accessing digital tools for more efficient design and implementation of infrastructure IOT applications.